About Me


Hi y’all, Kathy here! I’m an Army spouse and mom of two spunky little boys living the military lifestyle, juggling a career, and meeting amazing people along the way. I’m passionate about helping others and love sharing life, stories, and laughter with those I meet in this humbling life journey. Over the past 8 years I’ve met many military families who’ve experienced rocky roads along their journey, and ours is not exempt.  I’ve also gotten a taste of what lies over the rainbow and am inspired by other women and families that are dreaming and living what they dare to. I first started this personal blog as an informational resource for military families, particularly those living in Leavenworth, Kansas. Having moved to North Carolina, I’ve discovered there are already several wonderful spouses out here building bridges for families like mine. This past year, I’ve gained a new appreciation for local small businesses, as well as those that are veteran or military spouse-owned. It’s become a joy to support them, while also empowering other women and military spouses through blogging. Moving forward I will share what I love about our family’s military adventures and places we’ve lived. I’ve learned that it’s much more than a town’s history, the local businesses, and the outdoor fun that make for memories. Frankly, it’s the people we meet along the way. It’s a beautiful thing when we meet others and feel “home”.

My heart is filled with compassion for military families, and gratitude to our service members. I’m humbled by this blog opportunity and thankful for the rocky roads and rainbows that have led me here.



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