Fayetteville’s Dogwood Festival

Fayetteville Dogwood Festival– check!

Every army move our family creates a bucket list of things we want to do during our short time in our new city and state. This PCS move, the Dogwood Festival topped our Fayetteville, NC list and we finally crossed it off. Friends, downtown Fayetteville knows how to bring a community together! There were local artists and musicians showing off their talent, and my boys who had recently met local veteran and military spouse, Lacey Crime, got to visit her murals displayed across historic downtown. I love how her work has inspired them this week. As you can see, my oldest tried to capture the BMX riders performing tricks 😊

My youngest (aka my wild one) may have left inspired to ride someday (thanks guys)…or maybe join the 82nd Airborne Division. I know there are women out there who have little ones like mine– I see you. Today, I saw your tired eyes mirrored in mine girlfriend, but we still made fun memories with our littles, so fist bump from afar momma!

Y’all know our family loves cars and this year’s car show had plenty vintage circling Market Square. It was such a treat!

Oh and if you haven’t been out to the new baseball stadium, do! We LOVE that this city is exploding with excitement for both the new minor league Woodpecker’s team and the good ‘ol Swamp Dogs. Our boys just started T-ball so this pit stop was a BIG deal!

If you missed this year’s festival, get next year’s on your calendar now! It’s a family-friendly event, it’s entertaining, and it’s spread across our beautiful historic downtown area. Today I paused to admire some of the local architecture and murals I’d previously missed. I also learned more about the history of this great city, and visited various small businesses while having some family fun. Will certainly be back next year!

Until next time friends–ciao!



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