Dogwoods are Blooming!

Friends, I’m feeling a bit like Paul Revere right now screaming “the Dogwoods are blooming” to the tone of “the British are coming”, but it’s hard to contain my excitement now that these flowers have taken over Fayetteville! I’ll keep it short, just want to share some of the beautiful Dogwood blossoms I’ve waited a year to capture. I missed them bloom last year when we were house hunting and I’ve admired their white pedals since I was a little girl.

I love the interactions that come with blogging, but the introvert in me thoroughly enjoyed solo-exploring Fayetteville while taking in the colorful scenery this past week when my soldier man traveled. The Dogwood blossom is North Carolina’s state flower and has been a great spring reminder to “bloom where you’re planted.” Wherever you are today, stretch wide and bloom big y’all!

Want to know more about Dogwood blossoms? Check out fellow military spouse blogger @StrengthforSpouses as she reviews the beautiful legend behind these glorious blooms.

Happy weekend!



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