Goodbye Kansas!

Our time in Kansas is winding down and sadly blogging has taken a back seat during this PCS-season. I miss writing and taking pictures, but packing this house has been a top priority. Everyday there’s a new truck in our neighborhood being loaded—another family headed out—and ours will be joining the fun shortly. Last night as I tucked the boys into bed and read their bed-time story, my youngest whispered “I’m really going to miss my friends mommy.” Me too son…me too. We’ve met great people out here, and while Leavenworth is charming, the locals are beyond friendly, and there is more to do here than I could have ever imagined, what I’ll miss most is the time spent with the other military families, who will soon be dispersed across the globe.

This year here has certainly shifted my paradigm of what moving to a new place can be like. Without doubt, “bloom where you are planted” became my 2018 mantra, and as I reflect on my experience, Leavenworth forced me to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, and meet new people. Having a social tribe of other military spouses was key to thriving in this environment, and waiting for that to magically happen on its own was not an option. I’m really going to miss all the military spouses I’ve met here, but will cherish the fun memories we made!!!

When I first started this blog, the intention was to share small-town Leavenworth with the incoming CGSC spouses. Over the past five months however, it yielded opportunities for me to connect with spouses living where we are moving. It also helped me network with other women who share a heart for advocacy on behalf of military families. I was equipped with resources for military families that I had never heard of, and I found myself supporting local businesses more than ever. I’ve always loved adventure, but this experience really sprouted the courage for exploration. I won’t lie, I sort of felt like Lewis and Clark out here 😊. Allowing myself to be curious about others and this wonderful town helped me make positive meaning from this experience and memories that my family and I can take with us. Kansas, however dreaded it was a year ago, turned into a source of inspiration, and creating this blog helped me enjoy this year while doing a little growth of my own.

If you’ve thought about blogging, writing, photography, or if you have anything on your bucket list that you have yet to try…do it friends! If I’ll maintain a blog after leaving Kansas is unknown right now, but I hope the information shared about Leavenworth will be helpful to someone headed this way!

Thank you for reading and sharing your own fancy findings with me this past year!


p.s. Driving home this week, I passed some old country garages, and my eyes spotted a couple of horse rings around town that I’d previously missed. The horse rings were used to tie down a horse and park one’s carriage back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Just love all the fun facts and neat sites this little historic town has offered me!

p.s.s. Headed to Leavenworth? Check out my early blog posts HERE and HERE and any of the Leavenworth Series posts to learn more about local businesses.




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