Leavenworth Series: Riverfront Community Center

This week I finally wandered around the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth, KS, learning its history and current function. If you didn’t already know, the building was a Union Pacific Train Station in the 1800’s, specifically for passengers.

The freight train stop was over at The Depot (which has amazing cinnamon rolls I might add). When you step in through the front doors of Riverfront, you’re walking up towards what used to be the station’s ticket booth. To your left you have the women’s waiting room and to the right the men’s waiting room. They kept us separated back then. Today, those rooms are used for meetings, community events, weddings, and more. Y’all might know by now that I’m curious and like to find hidden gems…and that’s exactly what I got to do!Riverfront Community Center

I’d been wondering where there was an indoor pool off-post for swimming lessons, and I found it. The center offers indoor swimming lessons from Labor Day through Memorial Day. They also have racquetball courts, basketball courts, an indoor running track, and a gym on the lower level.Riverfront Pool Riverfront Track

The venue hosts ballroom dancing, taekwondo, toddler time, yoga, dog obedience, and additional fitness classes. Community wide events include Breakfast with Santa in December, a Valentine’s Father/Daughter Dance, and a Super-Hero Mother/Son Dance in October.

During my visit, I found more murals! Having lived in Charlotte County, FL, I have an Riverfront Arch and Muralappreciation for historic murals—they are everywhere down there, and apparently here too. Friends, Riverfront is a great stop for anyone wanting to know more about local and nearby events, museums, businesses, etc. They have the latest brochures for visitors, and I’m told residents of Fort Leavenworth are also welcome to use the facilities. In my opinion, this would be a great locale for a military spouse coffee 😊 They have rooms that can accommodate up to 300 individuals, but also cozier rooms for more intimate gatherings.

Before I adventured back in time through this piece of history, I joined a really encouraging group of Stroller Strong Moms at the basketball courts for a SLAM session. I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but those ladies really motivated me and reminded me that we CAN stretch ourselves to DO the things we don’t think we’re capable of. No more excuses!

Want to know more about Leavenworth’s Riverfront Community Center? Visit them here: Riverfront Community Center

Want to join the sweaty fun with Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth? Check them out on Facebook at Stroller Strong Moms.

If you’re not local and want to find a Stroller Strong Moms group near you, visit their main website at http://www.strollerstrongmoms.com/

It’s PCS season. In what ways are you enjoying what’s left of your time wherever you may be? How are you staying physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy to survive the wave? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we have packing, babies, jobs, to-do’s, etc. Fellow spouses, don’t forget to take care of YOU too and have a little fun!

Happy adventuring!




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