Farm Preschool Unit

The weather in Kansas has been reliably unstable this past week, going from sunny 70-degree weather to lightening, snow, and tornado watches. Needless to say, I’ve had to get creative with indoor activities for the boys. Last week we learned about Spring (and stayed stuck in winter), and this week we are revisiting our favorite farm unit. The local farms were a big hit in our family last year, so we are eagerly awaiting May’s strawberry season at Salt Creek Valley Farm. This momma is especially excited to learn there is such a thing as goat-yoga at the farm.  Leavenworth, you surprise me every day! Come on y’all, when was the last time YOU did goat-yoga?! Sounds like wild fun to me! Check it out on Facebook at:

Last year as we prepped for our PCS to Leavenworth, we were living in Alabama near several local farms. This made the unit especially fun for our family and I’m hoping this year’s activities will keep the boys from feeling the PCS stress this time around!

Here’s a look at our activity table set-up:18

Below are some of the sensory and fine-motor activities I have adapted and implemented with our boys. Their favorite is washing all the farm animals and getting wet and soapy in the process 😊

Washing Farm Animal Sensory Bin from Coffee Cups and Crayons 15 

I had the boys use old toothbrushes, to scrub down their farm animals with dish soap and water.







Farm Sensory Play Bin from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

For this activity, I filled a bin with a variety of sunflower seeds and used scoops of different sizes to help the boys learn about small, medium, and large sizes. I also used a funnel to help them learn about gravity as they poured the seeds down the funnel into a jar.




Tot School: Milk the Cow Activity from Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten blog. IMG_1955

I went outside for this one! I filled two rubber gloves with water and hung them above 2 pails. The boys had watched a children’s video about cow farms and pretended to milk a cow, while determining which pail had more “milk” and which had less. It helped me teach them opposites. In the background, you’re seeing my attempt to teach them to hand wash and hang-dry their clothes.





How Many Spots on the Cow Activity from The Preschool Experiment



We used pom poms and plastic children’s tweezers to place the number of cow spots indicated on the number card. This was a fun fine-motor activity followed by messy coloring.






Other activities we’ve used for this unit include: Melissa and Doug’s farm dominoes, farm magnets, farm animal lacing, farm-themed puzzles, farm animal blocks, ice-cream set, and farm sticker pads. All can be found on Mellisa and Doug’s website.


We used the dominoes to play a matching game, and then later had a domino-game/ice cream date at the boys’ farm. I try to incorporate real-world activities across our units. In this case, we picked blueberries at a local farm, we rinsed veggies and fruits back home, then the boys pretended to own a farm and sell their products. We use felt money for payment and I try to have them go through the motions of the farm-to-table process so they understand how it all works.

Blueberry UPick




On our Blueberry-themed day, the boys also completed a finger-painting activity adapted from Inspiration Made Simple and a blue and purple sorting fine motor activity. Friends, the Pinay Homeschooler has great preschool farm-themed sorting cards and activities. I use sorting cards a lot, and during this unit, our boys really enjoyed learning about different farm families and later visiting them at the farms.

17.JPG IMG_1878

I’ve decided to start a Rocky Roads and Rainbows Pinterest and have shared all the above mentioned blog posts, as well as other farm activities we’ve used on my Farm Activities for Preschoolers board for anyone interested in having some farm fun with their little ones. Feel free to tag me on any other farm finds 😊

Stay warm this week friends!


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  1. you do great activities with the boys!!! They will learn a lot and meanwhile they are playing !!! great job ! I am sorry for my english writings mistakes , but i wanted to write down my appreciation for your inspiration for other moms. (although mine are adults now 😉 ) greetings. elly from Belgium


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