Leavenworth Series: Historic Homes

Happy Monday everyone!

Over the past couple of months my 5-year-old son has been reminding me to pause and observe the beauty around me. He has a special way of finding little flowers for me everywhere we go. He’s the one to catch the sun rise or sun set while everyone else is busy, and has a way of spying greatness in the people he meets. While running errands, he’s also pointed to the stunning historic homes in the area.  Here’s a sneak peek of some we’ve discovered on our Leavenworth adventures:

If you haven’t visited the City of Leavenworth, KS web-page, it’s a great resource! They have a visitor’s page with the top things to do in town, one of which is the Historic Wayside Tours. These past few weeks my boys and I have been slowly completing both the driving and walking tours. Go check them out and download the tour map! It’s well-worth it, and a great way to learn about the history of this first little Kansas town.

Local military families, if you aren’t already tracking, the Fort Leavenworth Tour of Historic Homes event takes place on April 29th. Tickets can be purchased at The Friends of The Frontier Army Museum. Here are more historic homes I’ve found while out and about:

Below are the famous Carroll House and Harvey House:

If you know of others in the area, do share 😊

Here’s to making the best out of everywhere the military takes us!


p.s. Where will you find beauty this week?

p.s.s. I had read Leavenworth ran a trolley tour downtown and was disappointed to learn the trolley had retired. My boys were pretty bummed out, because who wouldn’t want to ride on Daniel the Tiger’s Trolley? However, they about sprung out of their seats when we drove by this hidden find. We vote to have the Trolley Tours started again!


2 Comments on “Leavenworth Series: Historic Homes

  1. The Leavenworth Vintage Homes Tour is held annually the second Sunday of December and is a benefit for the Leavenworth County Historical Society at the Carroll Mansion Museum (the Carroll House pictured in this article). Visit their website for more information. Tour information will be updated in October. http://www.leavenworthhistory.org


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