Leavenworth Series: PYUR Eats

If you haven’t visited PYUR Eats in Leavenworth, KS, this is a MUST-do!PYUR Eats Building.jpg

This veteran-owned business opened 8 weeks ago and is amazing friends! I’ve driven by the quaint building for months and was so glad to stop and get grading done in a quiet homey environment. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Spanish empanadas on their menu, and even more impressed by the hospitality of the owners. I first met co-owner Morgan Bean, who has lived in the Leavenworth area for 40 years.

PYUR Eats Team
Andrea Gass, Morgan Bean, and Elena Gann, PYÜR Eats

He and his wife, Mary, decided to join forces with Elena Gann (aka “Star”), after Morgan’s retirement from the state. Elena, a military veteran, who is well known in town for selling homemade jams at the Farmer’s Market joined shortly after my arrival and shared their diverse menu and meal kit options with me. She was such a pleasure to chat with (in multiple languages I might add!) and everyone was so friendly! If I gained nothing more from my visit, I got to practice my Spanish and the little Italian I know. Elena speaks too many languages for me to keep track of and has such a neat background! I’ll say, if I didn’t love to cook my own meals, their meal kits are as close to a Miami-cantina as it gets here in Kansas. For those of you who prefer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy free menus, PYUR Eats can prepare special daily meals and snacks just for you.

As I worked that morning, I brought my appetite with me and went for a non-traditional breakfast, trying their Thai zucchini-carrot salad and black bean tart. I also had to taste the opera cake Andrea Gass was perfecting while I people-watched.


The opera cake bite was delicious and watching sisters, Gass and Gann cook together, made me miss my own sisters on this calm morning. Moving with the military can certainly give us newfound appreciation for the family and loved ones we have back  home! Morgan insisted I try their homemade chorizo next time, along with their zucchini brownies—one of their best sellers. Their Mediterranean and Spanish options are also wonderful y’all! I will need to return for their Forbidden Rice Bowl, just because it’s forbidden 😊

Here’s a quick glance at their menu:Menu

If you’re traveling through the area, or getting stationed at Fort Leavenworth, you have to visit these military-friendly locals and spend some time filling your bellies with their delicious meals. Don’t forget to take one of Elena’s famous Kansas jams with you!

I wish I could move this snug little space and its owners with me to our next “home.” PYUR Eats is open early Monday though Friday, 7am-5pm, and is closed on weekends. The owners participate in local parades, Main Street’s Alive After 5, and are sponsors for the annual A Taste of Leavenworth. If you want to learn more about them, check them out on-line at pyureats.com, or on Facebook at PYUR Eats. 

Now that spring break is over, and my carpets are dry, I’ll have to adventure into town to meet more locals and explore their businesses. I feel like our time here is escaping me! Where are your adventures taking you this week?

Cheers friends!


p.s. Not sure why my carpets are dry? Read about the flood here: The Flood’s Purpose


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