Leavenworth Series: Out of the Barn

Out of the Barn…what a great opportunity to support local artists!

I had stopped in recently after Thaddeus from Dad’s Toys recommended I visit. Amy Coon, owner and marine spouse, was behind the desk homeschooling one of her daughters as I curiously

Amy Cook
Amy Cook, Owner, Out of the Barn

approached. She was friendly and shared a bit about her sign-painting classes with me. What a wonderful space to gather a group of spouses and have us a day focused on self-care and community! Who wants in?

As I looked around I thought back to the one DIY sign project my husband and I made 6 years ago and the promise we made as newlyweds to have fun garage project-dates, then kids happened…ask me if we’ve painted any signs recently. However, that is about to change. Between Amy’s sign encouragement, and Moving with the Military’s recent blog on a DIY blanket ladder, I am ready to build and paint AND get those garage dates started!

I decided I hadn’t spent enough time with Amy during my first visit and returned to devote more time to her and this vibrant store. As I walked around, I learned of the various local vendors: Knot too Shabby, Funky Junque Boutique, and Rocking S Wood Shack Designs. One artist caught my eye, a service member near retirement. Amy chatted with me about her goal to provide a platform for local vendors, like him, to showcase their creative talents. I loved the farm style décor across the store and painted glass windows. I was especially attracted to the words of encouragement that pervaded her showroom. The Easter bunnies seemed to have propagated, because they were everywhere!

Amy also has an eye for decorating and I will need to return for new ideas, because I have no décor talents in my DNA friends.


Kansas City is home for Amy and her family. She started painting signs out of her garage and then transitioned to West Bottoms and the Painted Sofa in Kansas City before opening her own doors in Leavenworth. She was excited to chat about her daughters’ artistic talents with me on this visit, sharing how one daughter paints and her youngest recently showed interest in her craft–I briefly day dreamed about painting something soon. I wouldn’t know where to begin, but why not try something new? As we walked around the large showroom, Amy stopped, surprised to see some art work had fallen off the walls. She explains the building is said to have ghosts and I about froze in my tracks y’all! I wish I knew more about its history and regret not asking. I was having too much fun perusing–look at her beautiful collection 😊

As I type, we are driving through West Virginia on a mission to find our next home. This has been the best family trip yet. No crying or cranky kiddos, no backseat driving from yours truly, and no road rage from the driver. Fun music to jance to. Oh, you haven’t heard? According to my husband “jance or jancing” is when you can’t fully dance, but you’re jamming out and semi-dancing in your car…so we we’ve been “jancing” our way to the south east. We are literally above the clouds high in the mountains and I can’t wait to be on the other side (although, I won’t lie, the idea of driving these snake turns myself in a few months with 2 kids in tow is not appealing at all)! I’m reflective today, and thankful for the new opportunities that lie ahead. Excited to explore and adventure new parts of this beautiful country over the next couple of years. Grateful for my time in Leavenworth and this transitional season. Visiting Out of the Barn, and spending time with a seasoned spouse who found a way to do what she loves while navigating the military lifestyle before her husband’s retirement was another dose of encouragement for this military spouse and momma. Seeing her dedicating time to her daughter, teaching her in a loving and patient way, reminded me to pause and think of how I approach my own boys. This parenting season is challenging and sweet and I can only hope their memories of me are filled with love and adventure.

I found our first farm-style house-warming gift at Out of the Barn for our next home and am so excited to hang it in our kitchen (the heart of our home). House hunting is both stressful and fun for my husband and I, and I’m looking forward to finding the kitchen we will gather and make new memories in. If you want to find local art for your home, go visit Amy and let her help you find it! You can also visit Out of the Barn online at: Out of The Barn’s Facebook Page.

Hope you’re all having a great week friends!


p.s. Want to get artsy and try something new? Visit Moving with the Military  on Facebook and check out her DIY Blanket Storage Ladder blog post.

p.s.s. If you see any orbs in my pics, let me know 😊



Want to start at beginning of my Leavenworth Series and learn how it got started? Visit Leavenworth: Hello, Buffalo!

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