Leavenworth Series: Parks and Recreation

Happy weekend everyone!

Now that we’ve been having warmer and brighter days in Leavenworth, I figured I would drive around and scope out the off-post parks in the area. My boys had fallen asleep in the car and I wasn’t about to wake them up! Maybe other parents can relate, but when these boys get on their public silly-coaster, things go downhill quick. That was the case earlier when I apologized to the family sitting across from us, desperately asked for to-go boxes, and practically ran out of Pullman Place, a family restaurant downtown.

I’d heard great things about their home-cooked meals and truly enjoyed a tasty fish sandwich while observing the bustling atmosphere! Pullman Fish SandwichWe had a room in the back all to ourselves and things were going well until another family was seated near us—>all aboard the silly coaster! The boys did however enjoy all the train décor at this railroad-themed eatery, so we will visit again soon and attempt a do-over. Friends, Pullman’s also has a little train table for your kiddos, a children’s coloring menu, and the manager and staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Now, for those of you like us, who are itching to get outside this weekend, you should visit the City of Leavenworth Kansas, park amenities web page: http://www.lvks.org/department/division.php?structureid=97

All local parks are listed on the website along with picnic shelter rental information, an event schedule, and many more pictures than I was able to capture. I found the detailed list of amenities especially helpful!

Here are a few of my drive-by finds. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of parks in Leavenworth, KS.

North Esplanade Park. 500 Esplanade St.


This park has a nice side-walk that follows the river bend and historic markers for visitors out for a stroll. They have a small swing set on the south end of the park and a sheltered area with picnic tables on the north end. What I love about this park is the Missouri River view and top-down view of the train tracks. The train goes by about every 15 minutes. For my history buffs, this is also the oldest park in the state of Kansas, established in 1854.

Bob Dougherty Park. 800 N. 2nd St.

Dougherty Park

Dougherty Park in Leavenworth KS



Dougherty park has basketball courts, a playground, views of the Missouri River, and picnic tables nearby.




Buffalo Bill Cody Park. 3003 Shrine Park Rd

This popular park is a great spot for a play date and has shaded areas, tennis courts, a small creek, and a walking trail.

Cody Park in Leavenworth KS 2Cody Park in Leavenworth KS

David Brewer Park. 1801 Ottawa St

This was a great find! The park has volleyball nets, tennis courts, sitting areas and a playground for children.

Hawthorn Park. 1100 Ohio St

Hawthorn park has two playgrounds. I don’t like taking pictures of children without their parents’ permission and I probably choose the worst time to go take drive-by pics because I received interesting stares from other adults. That said, I had fun playing private investigator, and tried to take a decent pic or two of kid-free playgrounds for you.

Hawthorn Park in Leavenworth KS.jpg

Sportsfield Park. 2100 Ottawa St.

Sportsfield has picnic tables, baseball fields, a skate park and is located on the north west side of town right off 20th.

Leavenworth SportsfieldLeavenworth Sportsfield 2

Stubby Park. 1501 S. Fourth St.

This park is closer to those of you on the south east end of Leavenworth or north end of Lansing. It has a playground, and sits right across from the Abeles Athletic Field arch. It also has a sledding hill 😊

Stubby Park in Leavenworth KS.jpg

Wollman Park. 1300 Shawnee St.

Wollman is a great park with a playground, picnic tables, walking trails, and pool with slides. You also get a skyline glimpse of the U.S. Penitentiary from the hilltop.

Wollman Park in Leavenworth KS

There you have it folks! Plenty of outdoor spaces in this little town for you to enjoy during your time here 😊

Enjoy the warmth!


p.s. If you head out to North Esplanade Park, don’t miss the row of older homes across the street. Some were built in the late 1800’s! Try finding these friendly guards while you’re out and about too.



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