Indoor Fun for Preschoolers: Snow Day

Hi friends! Snow day here…more like ice day really. The roads in Leavenworth are pretty icy after last night’s winter storm, so the boys are home this morning and I feel like it should be much later than 11:00—we have had one busy morning! For other stay-at-home or work-from-home parents, these ice days make for some energy-filled kids! My boys are in full superhero gear this week, jumping and running around this entire house, chasing the dog, and squealing and laughing at a pitch Mariah Carey would envy. My ears hurt y’all!

Being home most of the time with my boys can be simultaneously wonderful and exhausting. I love to teach and am constantly searching for new ideas for arts/crafts, toddler/preschool learning, and creating environments where they can thrive. I really like Montessori and have mainly taken her approach with the boys, but I’m also flexible and integrate other learning approaches at times. We play A LOT. We are outdoors A LOT and this icy winter has thrown me off in my planning of winter-themed learning activities.

This morning was unplanned, but I wanted the boys to do more than chase our poor fur baby around, so I put together a quick activity table. Most importantly, I sat with them and interacted, talked, and encouraged critical thinking. Then I let them be and the table kept them engaged for a solid hour (YES!).

Here’s what we did:

  1. Learned the letter W and W-words (i.e., Watch, World, Warm, Winter), Winter words (i.e., mitten, coat, scarf, boots, snowman), and forest animals (i.e., bears, deer, owls, squirrels, moose).5
  2. Dug for snowflakes and snowmen erasers, sorted them, and used a scooper, funnel and jar to learn about gravity—messy, but the boys’ favorite activity!9
  3. Reviewed the world globe, a map of the United States, and a handful of states where our friends will be PCSing to. We talked about moving, visiting, cold winters that some will have, and international travels we can hope for.11
  4. Learned the number 3. We did simple math puzzles and used miniature Moose to count to 3, while chatting about a veteran friend who is living in Alaska and recently posted pictures of Moose and snow (thank you for that!). We also did a fine motor activity and the boys used plastic tweezers to select the moose from a variety bowl of animals.
  5. We read winter-themed books and chatted about bears and hibernation, and how squirrels bury nuts and seeds to survive harsh winters. They are regular backyard visitors these days.4
  6. We discussed the concept of time, and learned about watches, clocks, and colors while completing a clock puzzle.8
  7. We baked warm muffins and did clean-up chores for some real-world activities.12

My boys are free-playing while I type, but soon I will hear “Mommy! Mommy!” and I will be throwing my cape on and joining their adventure. Freezing them is my special superhero power 😊 Later, some exercise, warm tea, and quite time will be just what this momma needs to keep up with the long evening ahead of us while dad’s at school.tea.jpg

What are your snow-day go-to’s? What super-hero parent power do you have? 😊 How do you fill your cup at the end of your day?

From my cuppa to yours, cheers!


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