Leavenworth Series: McDevitt and Duffy Corner Market

We hold hands and hop across the snowy parking lot, leaving foot prints behind us as we cozy our way inside this quaint little corner market, McDevitt and Duffy’s. We step inside and are warmly greeted by owner, Charlie Haganey, who invites us to look around. We chat for a bit about CGSC, my blog, the shop’s new beginnings, and the way the Leavenworth community used to hold welcome gatherings for newcomers. He and his wife, and co-owner, Jennifer Haganey, just opened shop about four months ago. Although a new gathering spot in town, this couple is not new to Leavenworth, KS. Jennifer’s father was in the military and retired here a few decades ago, bringing Jennifer, a New York native, and his family with him. This explains the popular bagels at the market, shipped overnight direct from NY, as well as the historic Leavenworth pictures that decorate the walls of the shop. The Haganey’s have lived in this small town for 30 years and have just embarked on this exciting small business venture together. I grab a seat, and briefly day dream about what fun projects my husband and I will begin together someday.

Another military spouse graciously brought these NY bagels over for one of our play dates, giving me a break from preparing brunch. They were AMAZING! Today however, I’m drawn to the sweet delicacies, but opt for the golden ham and cheese quiche instead. I’ve been completing The Fitnessista’s (https://fitnessista.com/) winter shape-up and am not messing up this last week! I’ve got serious goals this year people.

Friends, the quiche did not disappoint! Charlie tells me about their popular specials: the Reuben, Pastrami, Roast Beef and Gouda (wait, did you just say GOUDA?!), Nathan’s foot long hot dogs, and Turkey Chutney on Sunflower bread. ALL of the above please! As my youngest and I brunch together, he snacks on an apple cinnamon muffin, leaving crumbs everywhere for poor Charlie to sweep (insert teeth clenched emoji). I sip on an earthy Chai Apple Cider thinking, “antioxidants for the win”!

For those needing a gluten free menu, Charlie tells me they always try to offer a few things just for you. The market is also open later than most other venues downtown, closing their doors at 9pm or 11pm most evenings. I ask about promotion ceremonies and yes, they DO cater fellow spouses.

I love being surrounded by vintage eye candy. My son’s attention is also easily grabbed by an antique TV playing an old cartoon, and I’m taken right back to Amsterdam, where I last saw this cartoon at an underground laundry shop. Could it be?

I love to travel! I love new adventures and exploring my surroundings. The military lifestyle isn’t for everyone and certainly doesn’t offer the best of everything, but it does gift us with travel. My boys haven’t started kindergarten, but they already know several cities and states across our country from the many mommy and son trips we’ve taken while daddy works. We miss our family and friends back home, but today Charlie reminds me that it’s about having the right mindset while we’re apart from those we love. He shares how important it is to be positive and to get to know other residents and local business owners where the army takes us. I nod in agreement, as I am learning the value of this very lesson these days. I don’t want to leave this friendly little corner store on Cherokee. There’s something about being in the here-and-now. Something about hearing others’ stories and dreams. It feeds me–I feel inspired, encouraged, grateful for crossing paths with this corner market owner—another memory with my boy added to the books, thanks to my fellow boy-moms and military spouses. Thank you for watching out for me and sharing the local “goods!”

If you want to visit the McDevitt and Duffy Corner Market, check them out below for more information:




As I drive back home, I’m reminded of times past when it was so hard to strike up a conversation with someone new, but I might just have a new 2018 resolution to meet-without-fear y’all. I might even dream and DO without fear this year too! 🙂


Where are you exploring this week? How are military spouses connecting in your current “home away from home?” Let me know in the comments section!


See you later friends!


4 Comments on “Leavenworth Series: McDevitt and Duffy Corner Market

    • Thanks for sharing Tammy! I drove by them for the first time this week and made a mental note 🙂 I try to stick to healthy, but my boys LOVE family cookie dates, so we will make it a go!


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