Leavenworth Series: Coffee at Meriwether’s

Two ladies quietly whisper and laugh about life at a nearby table, chatting away while they sip on lattes and munch on scrumptious looking doughnuts at marine spouse-owned, Meriwethers, Coffee, Café, and Market.




Oh, how I want one of those, but not today, not after 30 minutes of sweat on my elliptical. Instead, I am pleasantly surprised and can’t resist the Cuban coffee on their menu…be still my heart.



The aroma takes me back to those childhood memories of times spent at Abuela’s house, nestled in the heart of Miami of what is known as “Little Havana.” As I type, I’m suddenly understanding the excitement of journalism my great grandfather must have enjoyed. I could visit new places and interview people for a living if I didn’t love my career as much as I do. I’m here to work, after a fellow military spouse blogger gave me the wonderful tip to try this inviting place. I find a quiet table far from others with a window view of historic downtown Leavenworth.



After a sweet chat with store manager, Mountain Kimley, I’m reminded of how much I love connecting with others. This army lifestyle can feel isolating at times. With every move, meeting others has become easier, but I remember the first couple of PCS’s and how challenging it was to put myself out there and introduce myself. Mountain tells me of their first days, their shop’s expansion, their future goals. It’s just great. I can hear her excitement about this place and working with owner, Christina Carter. She beams while talking of Andrew Kimley’s cooking passion. He is both her husband and the shop’s chef. They will start hosting events later this year, a Mother’s Day special among these. I know where I will be having my mom’s day coffee!

I could have stayed here all-day folks. The diverse clientele, the local artwork on display, the handmade jewelry, the support of our military sprinkled across the store, the colorful purses and alligator toddler shoes, the couches and pillows calling out to me: “make yourself at home.” The variety of candies, gifts, chocolate, soaps, and more. I could go on…did I mention the doughnuts?



Hard to believe I hadn’t taken note of the shop’s name, although I drive by it weekly. An attractive landmark downtown, but I hadn’t ventured inside because–>kids. The idea of them touching everything, speaking too loud for other customers, and stomping like dinosaurs up and down the stairs makes my teeth clench. Admittedly, I’ve been working on the nonchalant “mom-shrug and smile” more and more these days. My kids are just that: kids! I watch as another military boy-mom sits down with a friend and her toddler. “DOUGHNUT!” he squeals as his face lights up. She responds “please, may I have a doughnut?” and he repeats in adorable toddler lingo that I kind of understand. While the moms share, he plays with his trucks, then sees me and we have a quick session of peek-a-boo from across the store…and I miss my boys. This place IS kid-friendly after all, and I will be coming back to surprise them with their own sprinkled yumminess soon enough. But for today, what a retreat and magical place for this momma to visit. Sitting alone, observing people loving on each other…I savor this moment of solitude…it feels so good.

Whimsical, inspiring, and a great reminder to all military spouses that we can make the military lifestyle work for us anywhere the military takes us. I grab my lap top after drinking my Cuban and I’m ready to work at this newfound gem.

If you haven’t visited, do! Here is their website and FB link for more information, their menu, and catering options:





Something amazing happens when military spouses support each other, connect, and share. Thank you @LadyJupiter for today—a much needed oasis and fabulous recommendation! 😊 If you all want more information about local restaurants, be sure to check out her blog at https://ladyjupiter.com/.

Great to have been able to support another military spouse doing her thing and making this military lifestyle work for her, while she supports her spouse miles away from her growing business!

In what creative ways can you support your local military community?

Thanks for visiting with me!


p.s. Found more buffalo today 😊


6 Comments on “Leavenworth Series: Coffee at Meriwether’s

  1. I find your style of writing so easy to read and the almost need to keep reading! I like reading your blog -& wonder when you will write a book!
    Feel so connected to your family while reading your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! I’m happy you made it over, I might pop in this weekend for a little snack, and maybe their Cuban -I haven’t had it yet (I usually go for the spiced hot chocolate add espresso!) ☕️ ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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