Kansas: A Time to Reflect and Connect


Hello, and thanks for joining me on this blog journey! I’ve decided to start a blog, hoping it will evolve organically with my life experiences as an Army spouse, boy mom of two, and counseling professional. Being an Army family, we move a lot (6 moves in 6 years). As we prepare for PCS moves, I’m always searching for information about our next location. What is there to do? Where will we live? Where can we connect with others? What schools are in the area? What’s the weather like? Our family always drafts a bucket list of everything we want to see and do at our new “home”. I never thought this semi-nomad life was for me, but I’ve kinda fallen in love with it. I terribly miss our family and friends, and saying goodbye is never easy, but I’ve learned that military families find each other. We click, we build friendships quickly (we don’t have time to waste), and we lean on each other because in some states, we are all we have.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been teaching helpers how to work with military families. In the process, I’ve learned so much about coping as an Army spouse and being a resilient military family—it’s been a blessing in disguise. There is a plethora of resources for our military community, but often missing bridges. Over the past few months, and a PCS move from Rocket City to Leavenworth, Kansas, I’ve started reflecting on how I can help other spouses and families connect to the resources that will be most helpful to them. What’s helped me? What’s helped others? What would I want other spouses to know when they learn they are moving to the land of Oz, or anywhere else for that matter?

I searched endlessly for a blogger to tell me everything I wanted to know about Kansas. I dreaded the move, and the thought of tornadoes. The idea of living in a home surrounded by 7 nearby correctional facilities was not appealing at all! Then I discovered the priceless Facebook pages for CGSC spouses in Leavenworth. Game changer! When we come together, military spouses are one empowering and powerful force. I couldn’t keep up with the number of resources shared and questions answered from those preparing to leave. Their insights and encouragement helped me accept this move.

The early days of this blog will be an attempt to share our family’s experience in Leavenworth during the year that we are here. In the process, we will receive orders to PCS again and I may just write a few blogs of the other places we’ve lived and those we will end up residing in over the next few years. Might as well put those great memories and pictures to good use! I also want to bridge other spouses and families to resources they may not know of. I’m always curious about what helps other spouses and families survive deployments, PCS moves, and the transitional periods and am excited to start this journey, sharing my own, and learning from yours 😊

Stay tuned for my next blog, Leavenworth: Hello Buffalo!



(Disclaimer: Mom life is messy and so is my writing.)

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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